Our Services

Our Services

Primary Care  – Our clinical team provides integrated, personalized care for children (13 and over) and men and women of all ages. Our philosophy is to provide the highest level of care on a preventative basis to help you increase your quality of life.

Chronic Conditions Management – We provide state of the art treatment and education of chronic conditions such as Diabetes, COPD, CVD, Asthma and Pain Management. We partner with a strong network of Specialists that help compliment managing diseases for optimal continuum of care.

Vitamin Therapy – Our clinical team offer essential supplemental vitamins (orally, injections and IV’s) to help manage your health on a preventative basis. Out vitamin therapy program also addresses dehydration, vitamin deficiencies and managing your metabolism for ultimate weight loss.

Sports Physical Examinations – We provide same day Sports Physical examinations for children for all ISD’s.

Pre Operative Clearance – We offer pre operative (surgical) clearance for your scheduled procedures/surgeries and provide detailed  same day History and Physical reports for review.