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Primary Care – Our clinical team provides integrated personalized care for men and woman 18 and older. Our philosophy is to provide the highest level of care on a preventative basis to help increase your quality of life

Chronic Conditions Management – We provide state of the art treatment and education of chronic conditions such as Diabetes, COPD, HTN, Asthma and High cholesterol etc…. We partner with a strong network of Specialists that help compliment managing diseases for optimal continuum of care.

Sports Physical Examinations:  We provide same day Sports Physical examinations for children for all ISD’s

STD testing: Even without any symptoms, you could have STDs. People with one STD are more likely to contract another one. The sooner you get STD testing done, the better. There are times when symptoms may disappear over time, but the virus is still active and very contagious.

IV Hydration with 0.9% Normal saline:  0.9% Normal saline contains sodium and chlorine, so it replaces lost fluid and prevents or corrects some types of electrolyte imbalances; it also helps to rehydrates your body by raising blood volume

IV Vitamin Therapy: Intravenous vitamins cocktail boosts your immune system and give your body a taste of what it needs to repair and regenerate cells.

Myers IM Injection:  helps boost your immune system with a cocktail of different vitamins and minerals.

B12 energy booster:  This one boosts your energy and improves exercise capacity; also, it is excellent for chronic fatigue and low energy states.

Skinny Shot with B Vitamins, Amino Acids and Lipotropic Coenzymes:   This is an IM injection helps to Increase Metabolism, Energy and Fat Elimination.

Hang over IV therapy: Hangovers can make the morning after a fun night an uncomfortable and painful experience. Fortunately, there’s a way to find quick hangover relief, Custer Family Clinic offer Fast, Effective Hangover Treatment with IV infusion.